Fire Element Qigong Course Details

The energy of the Fire Element works through the Heart. Its balanced functioning allows our blood to circulate smoothly and our spirit or shen to be settled so that we are calm and peaceful within. If healthy, the Fire Element enables us to be, rather than do. It also allows us to experience the natural joyousness in living. If weak or unbalanced, we can become unsettled and unstable, easily anxious or hurt, and experience sleeplessness. Alternatively we can become over-heated, manic and over-excited.

The seminar will include instruction in qigong exercises, which can begin to help you to:

  • Feel the energy of the Fire Element in your body.
  • Sink your chi in order to settle the spirit.
  • Reduce anxiety, panic and unease.
  • Strengthen the blood vessels and increase circulation.
  • Maintain a balanced temperature.
  • Heat your body in cold weather.
  • Nourish and clear the mind.
  • Increase the strength of your Heart; and feel the calmness of just being.

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Hello from Bulgaria! My name is Ivan Boyanov. This year I have had serious troubles with a bad infectious polyarthritis. Practically all my joints were attacked and the pain was severe. And guess what - I received the two volumes of Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong books from my cousin as a present. With the help of this qigong, some other energy practices, diet and herbs I managed to clean my joints for two months and the bacteria is out of the system.…(more)

Ivan Boyanov, Bulgaria