Taoist Meditation: Moving Past the Pressure of Time Course

During this retreat, we may use as appropriate any of the 5 modes of practice: standing, moving, sitting, lying down and interacting. Among the possible topics are:

  • Releasing pressure caused by conscious and unconscious expectations, whether self-imposed or more external
  • Increasing the experience of internal space when it comes under pressure and shuts down 
  • Engaging "Real" or "4th time," our innermost sense of time which is not subject to any pressure even in stressful conditions
  • Using the seamless non dual flow of internal space and real time to activate emptiness beyond pressure
  • Perceiving the "Nature of Time" within your first five energy bodies (including physicality, body energy, your emotional and mental energy, and at the intuitive/psychic level) so you can release time pressure throughout
  • Perceiving the "Fear of Death" within the 1st 5 energy bodies so you can release it.

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