Instructor Discount for Wu Style in The Lake District, UK

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Hey all, 

Our 5 day retreat with Aaron Green in November is just few weeks away . We are happy to be able to offer a 20% discount to all EA instructors. We also have Jane Launchbury and Patrick Foley joining us and leading a session,  it will be a great opportunity to share and train with your fellow teachers . I am personally excited about deepening my understanding of Tai Chi and learning new teaching modalities. .

To get a code to unlock the discount email me at

Best wishes 


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I first met Bruce in 1992, as a 17 year old, I had all sorts of fantasies about becoming strong and learning to defend myself. Bruce taught me that through hard work and daily practice a world of incredible depth and peace can be found within the art of Ba Gua Zhang that goes far beyond the ability to knock out King Kong.

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