Tai Chi?

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Ryan Caleb
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Hi there,

Anyone have any experience with Thai Chai?
Maybe some good websites of youtube channels that demonstrate introductions and progression information for this practice,

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Robert Hughes
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Hi Ryan, I

Hi Ryan,

I recommend:

youtube muir tai chi first eight postures

1. This is the first part of the Yang Style Long Form
2. Bruce Frantzis says that the first five postures can be considered a mini-form.
3. This was what TT Liang taught
4. TT Liang was a top student of Chen Man-Ching
5. They pioneered tai chi in America
6. Both Bruce Frantzis and Gordon Muir studied with TT Liang
7. Muir does a good job; he does the form slowly and clearly

There are hundreds of videos these days. You could pick any one of them and learn something.
All libraries have books and videos on tai chi--they are good background material.

Muir presents the first parts of the whole 150 postures.
Not many people learn it completely.
But can learn an authentic version just in the first five postures.
Most other Short Tai Chi Forms don't have the good stuff.
Some teachers never teach any form, just the right stuff;
people who don't like to memorize a lot of moves might not like the Long Form.
People who are buddhas don't need any forms or lectures.

Then Bruce's on-line course, Old Yang Style Tai Chi, is the ultimate because Bruce teaches the fundamental energies that you can't see in a video or a book--the right stuff developed by the originator of Yang Style Tai Chi... Google: wiki Yang Luchan
(The course is expensive. Don't start here until you know you really dig tai chi.)

Good luck

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